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Received an Invoice?

If you have received an invoice for parking but have used the PayByPhone app there are a few common occurrences that could have caused this.

Did you use the correct plate?

You may have applied payment to another plate that is listed on your account or the plate may have been entered incorrectly. If the plate that is listed on your invoice does not match the plate on your receipt/pay by phone transaction, this is more than likely what happened. You can appeal these invoices at appealvats.com . Be sure to include the receipt for the transaction that includes the incorrect plate to show payment was made on the day of the invoice.

Did you choose the correct location?

If the location on your receipt does not match the location number on your invoice, this is more than likely what happened. You can appeal this invoice by going to appealvats.com and upload an image of the receipt you received from pay by phone.

Did you verify the plate you have entered on your account with your registry?

If the plate on your invoice is different from the plate on your account, this is more than likely what happened. Special plates such at veterans (VT) purple heart (PH) and right whale (RW), will have certain characters on your registry, but not on the plate. Some customers will mistakenly use the state abbreviation as part of their plate on their account.

Does your transaction date on your pay by phone receipt and account transaction history match the date of your invoice?

Some financial institutions will post payments on the following day of the transaction. In order for your plate/vehicle to be seen as paid for, the transaction must cover the date that you plan on parking.

Did you pay for parking on the following day?

Transactions must be made on the day that you are parking.

Details for how to Dispute your Parking Ticket are listed here.

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